Airless® manual spray gun easy solution for one painter

This solution is a simple concept supplying paint to one painter.
Airless® application
Airless® application

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • Very high pressure pump to be able to work with a long hose length with powerfull atomizing pressure
  • Fast motor inversion to avoid pulsation
  • Large hydraulic section for maximum paint flow
  • (3) filtration levels to the gun outlet to avoid tip blockage
  • Maneuverable cart for any work site
  • Full sized wheels that avoid puncturing
  • Adapted sealing cartridge for larger choice of material

Airless® SFLow spray guns layout examples


SFlow Airless® spray gun solutions can use different pump technologies and fluid sections sizes

You will be able to choose the right solution depending on your production specific needs: small to intensive production type of material used (viscosity as an example)....

Ailess kit
(1) High pressure piston pump
(2) Air regulator
(2) Air regulator
(3) Filter
(3) Filter
(4) Suction hose
(4) Suction hose

Equipped with a Stainless steel filter 

(5) SFlow
(5) SFlow

Airless® manual spraygun

Large choice of tip

Modular conception

Modular conception

This solution is modular and fits all your needs to:

  • Supply paint to an other operator
  • Select other hose length
  • Mount a gun extension
  • Feed the pump from a bigger drum
  • Agitate the material