Accubell EVO

Accubell System for water-based paint applications.


How does it work?

How does it work?

The Accubell sprayer is associated with a canister and a servo-motor pushing a piston to dose the paint flow.


The canister allows for high voltage usage with water-based paint. The only paint required is that which is loaded into the canister, thus reducing the overall paint waste. 


Our latest generation of the Accubell system is called the 709 EVO. This technology integrates a new transfer filling station capable of loading 800cc in under 5 seconds. The full color change time is only 12 seconds, which is less than the transfer time of the car body.


Even associated with a 800cc canister, a high voltage unit & a High Velocity Turbine, the Accubell 709 EVO has compact design in order to paint car body & van interiors, full panel exteriors & plastic parts. The canister, designed for water-based paint, can also be used for solvent-based paint.

FAST color change

Depending of the amount of paint used, the filling time varies between 10 to 14,5 seconds. The transfer filling station is compatible with every existing paint circulation supply & every paint material without a shearing risk.


The design of the transfer filling station reduces the paint lost during the loading phase. Only 12cc of paint is lost  during a color change. Reloading the same color is even more efficient with zero loss!
The high dosing accuracy of the canister (+/- 1cc/min) reduces by -2% of paint consumption compared to gear pump technology.

Fast ROI

No need to invest in a completely isolated paint kitchen to apply water-based paint with an electrostatic effect