D3P concept


D3P is a precision built, high accuracy powder feed pump. Due to its new dense phase powder feed technology, it ensures an outstanding control of powder feed to the applicator.


  1. This system is designed to provide a stable powder flow rate with an accuracy of +/- 5% of the setpoint. It is now possible to reduce the thickness tolerance of the applied powder. Consequenly, the quality reaches a very high standard - the powder savings are significant as the right amount of powder is applied to the right place on the part exactly as the process requires it.
  2. In addition, a weighing sensor linked to each pump collects all necessary data for real-time monitoring of the application process.

Example of parameter feedbacks:

  • consumption per spray gun
  • instant flow rate
  • pump pressure
  • alarms


  1. The pump has no moving or mechanical components in contact with the powder that would likely cause a malfunction: reduced flow rate, powder clogging, etc.
  2. Unlike conventional "venturi" systems, there is no air injection. No fits and starts occur in the powder flow, resulting in smooth powder spray pattern and very little wear - robust and long-life pump.
  3. Most of the components of the pump are easy to reach and can be removed quickly for reduced downtime for maintenance and better productivity.
D3P concept
D3P concept

Dense Phase Powder Pump (D3P) is a unique combination of Sames knowledge about fluid management and powder coating expertise. It allows to get a constant and close loop regulated flow of powder while preserving it from any mechanical damages like in main systems on the market.

Robotic Systems
Robotic Systems

the main advantage to invest in a robotic system is to get high productivity with extensive use, but also a constant quality with the repeatable movements of the robots.
But why investing in an expensive robotic system if you can't control perfectly the flow rate of the powder delivered to the atomizer ? 
Sames answer is the D3P system which is the only one on the market to manage a close loop flow regulation.

Smart Powder Solutions
Smart Powder Solutions

Sames can support integrators to provide SMART and unique solutions to the market based on our robotic INOBELL atomizers and dense phase products.
As innovation leader in the coating industry, we believe that POWDER will provide efficient paintshops in the future and we are ready to provide competitive advantages with differenciation from the mass suppliers.