Consists of two meshed gears that rotate in a closely fitted casing.

It consists of two meshed gears that rotate in a closely, fitted casing.

Working principle:

A drive gear (that is driven by a motor) rotates an idler gear in the opposite direction. When the gears rotate, the liquid, which is trapped in the gear teeth spaces between the housing bore and the outside of the gears, is transferred from the inlet side of the pump to the outlet side.

It is important to note that the pumped liquid moves around the gears and not between the gears. The rotating gears continue to deliver a fresh supply of liquid from the suction (inlet) side of the pump to the discharge (outlet) side of the pump.

CONSTANT amount of fluid delivery

for each revolution

PRECISE flowrate control

by acting on the motor speed

Very SILENT and high volumetric efficiency,

especially at low rotation speed.

EASY maintenance

thanks to simple construction