HVLP Airspray

This compliant technology ensures high transfer efficiency (minimum 65%) with reduced atomizing air pressure of 0.7 bar maxi.
VHVLP Airspray
VHVLP Airspray

Liquid airspray technology

Conventional spraying created a level of overspray which was not acceptable by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The US Clean Air Act law stated some rules that led to the HVLP implementation.

Our R&D has also conducted extensive research and field tests in accordance with European standards DIN EN 13966-1 to reduce overspray, allowing Sames to achieve global HVLP compliancy.

Two key factors to meet HVLP compliant spraying are:

  • a minimal transfer efficiency of 65%
  • a maximum atomizing air pressure of 0.7 bar (10 psi) at the aircap of the gun

The HVLP term can been used for Airspray or Airmix® spraying technology.


Compliant with automotive refinishes


With a minimal amount of paint waste due to overspray

MINIMAL booth contamination

Minimum transfer efficiency of 65%

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Discover our last FPro Airspray manual spraygun!

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