Internal charge

Improving the transfer efficiency of painting atomizers has been the aim of the electrostatic effect since the 1950's.
Bell spraying technology

Bell spraying technology

As an electrostatic expert, Sames has designed the perfect high voltage generators to power electrostatic rotary bells. In all conditions, they provide the maximum possible voltage by adapting the current with a real-time microprocessor. This allows for maintaining a constant voltage during the paint application in turn yielding a consistent paint film thickness. This extremely high transfer efficiency, with its stable & invariable thickness, guarantees a paint savings & the finest finishing quality possible.

How does it works

The internal charge technology electrically charges the paint inside the atomizer. Every droplet atomized is charged through direct contact with the injector & bell cup. This technology is used for solvent-based paint only due to the proper resistivity of the material.

Transfer efficiency is dramatically increased as the negatively charged paint droplets follow the electrical field straight to the grounded part essentially reducing the paint loss in the air called overspray.

The internal charge process is not only easy to design & install, it's also easy to adjust & maintain during the production making these atomizers some of the best tools to coat any part. 

In cases where the paint is conductive, isolation is needed between the atomizer & the grounded paint circuit source by way of an isolating circuit or table. If your needs include frequent colors changes, we recommend the exclusive Sames Accubell technology.


Combining high transfer efficiency with excellent atomization has proven rotary bell technology with internal charge to be the best finishing tool for premium industrial applications.


Intensive industrial applications requiring the utmost in a quality finish can be expensive. For the best productivity ratios in a premium finishing line, this robust tool offers a flawless surface coating within minutes. 


Simple design leads to the highest mean time before failure (MTBF) available on the market. Choosing a Sames electrostatic bell guarantees your production operations run smoothly for the extended life of the product.