TEC5 (Transfer Electronic Control)

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Sames TEC5 technology's proven benefits:

The overall benefits of our TEC5 technology offers the highest powder transfer, excellent wrap-around effect, and ultimate penetration to complex, shaped parts.  For the customer, there is a high return on investment because there is less powder waste after application with no touch-up required, less rework, less production time needed to process parts, and increased productivity.

Ultimate wrap-around effect

The powder charge is optimized during application with the TEC5 technology


TEC5 maintains optimum performance no matter of the part complexity

Long lasting performance

Proven high-quality production materials and precise assembly


Sames TEC5 technology (Transfer Electronic Control)

TEC5 technology (Transfer Electronic Control) processor will automatically adjust the voltage giving the best application.  It takes into account the powder flow and distance of the parts to deliver the highest powder transfer and finish quality.
TEC5 technology is the 5th generation and is the result of 55 years of innovation, experience, and knowledge from Sames.  Our expertise has been used to develop two new major components which are the High Voltage unit (cascade), and the High Voltage control system (processor). 
  • A new generation cascade uses selected electronic components to ensure powerful, accurate, and long-lasting performance of powder applications.
  • Inocontroller & Inobox both benefit from the latest software technology and the high voltage control systems
The final performance benefit of the outstanding electrostatic system is our unique control software that ensures the maximum current and high voltage while keeping the operator’s safety in mind.
As the main principles of electrostatics, the High Voltage moves the powder, the Current charges the powder.
TEC5 technology ensures a high voltage level and a high charging current at the same time in a more advanced way than any competitor’s technology that is available in today’s market. (Shown in the TEC 5 diagram as UC1 (Competitor 1) & UC2 (Competitor2)). 
The TEC5 diagram shows the spraying distance & High Voltage as it highlights that beyond 300 to 400 mm between the powder gun and the part that is to be coated, the powder receives a very high voltage with low current; therefore, the powder doesn’t get enough charge which decreases the transfer efficiency and wrap-around effect.  At the opposite end of the scale, under a distance of 30 mm (red zone of the diagram) to the part to be coated, the current increases very quickly, and the control system shuts down the High Voltage and current to avoid any potential hazards.
Our TEC5 technology takes the powder charge to a higher level between 300 mm (11.8 in) and 30 mm (1.2 in).  TEC5 technology gives the best of both High Voltage and current achieving the highest transfer efficiency possible.