Turbo motor technology

This technology prevents the formation of ice on the engine of the pump during extensive use.

We have seen that on each inversion, one chamber is decompressed by discharging the air it contains. Any compressed air which expands produces coldness when the temperature drops more than the pressure drops and the closer the exhaust operations are to one another.  The quicker the motor operates, the highter the air pressure is, and the lower the temperature is.

When the temperature of the exhaust orifice reaches below icing point, the water vapour contained in the air changes to ice and the inversion mechanism can become blocked.  The pump becomes unusable for a moment in order to take time to heat up.

With the TURBO technology we correct this issue and use it to avoid icing on highly, productive pumps


No icing issues

LOW maintenance
NO engine FAIL

The air motor is running even at low drive pressure