UPside Concept

Upside Technologie


This unique architecture is ideal for use in restricted spaces during CCV installations.

UPside CCV modules


All modules join together into a flexible color change block to fit customer requirements for the following: paint circulation, hardener, gear pump dosing systems, pressure sensors, etc.

UPside CCV 2K
Technology in details

Technology in details

All fittings and valves are located on one side. The tubes are located on the rear for a robust dressing on the robot.

The lightweight, compact, yet robust design led us to use stainless steel molded modules. All integrated fittings are metallic for long life & electrostatic safety.

The patented UP valve carries its unique axial pilot connection on the top & weighs only 11g.

The internal paint channel has a "snake-like" shape for better rinsing results.


All these technologies combined make the UPside CCV the universal robotic color change block.