VDE air motor technology

Ventury dual stage exhaust technology prevents AIRLESS pumps from stalling and freezing which guarantees optimal performance
VDE technology
VDE technology

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Reduction of icing risks

Operation under extreme conditions, even if the compressed air is not very good quality

Stable and sustainable paint supply

Guaranteed better quality of finish and thickness control



Minimized noise pollution :

Quality work environment and comfortable to use

The VDE prevents the pump from stalling and freezing!

"When I have several boat hulls to paint in a boat yard, I have a timeframe while the weather is good in order to paint them. I have to be sure that I can do all the painting in this timeframe. Meanwhile, my airless® pumps must remain operational and efficient without affecting the application. They must not stall or freeze up."

1. Sames’s Innovative VDE technology prevents the pump from stalling:

The speed of the pump inversion guarantees a stable paint supply to the spray gun with a constant flow rate and controlled thickness which is being applied.  When the pump stalls, it freezes up and performance is diminished.  This is immediately visible by variations and pulsations in the paint fan pattern.

The VDE technology is associated with the design of the air motor.  The piston is balanced with up and down stroke unlike our competitors.  This ensures a powerful, clean, and long-lasting reversal which delivers stability and quality for an even spraying application. 

2. Sames’s Innovative VDE technology delivers quiet operations:

When several pumps are working together in a yard the noise can be a real problem and impact hearing.

  • The type of material  applied and the density of the foam muffle the sound to keep the decibel level at the exhaust below 80 db.   To date, no one has been able to achieve this decibel level in the marketplace.

Because VDE technology is used, when the operator works near the pump, he no longer needs earplugs for safety.  There isn’t a risk of hearing loss and the worker is no longer affected by the noise level during application.


VDE technology

The VDE technology in detail


A pump stalls because it freezes. Expansion of the air in the exhaust creates cold which causes moisture in the engine air system to condense and freeze. This icing builds up in the air distributor and eventually blocks it. 

Our technological answer to this condition is called VDE which prevents icing​: the design of 2 foam blocks (DUAL EXHAUST) at the exhaust of the distributor has several functions:

  • The evacuation of humidity out of the air circuit is done by integrated channels. The design of the housing allows the continuous evacuation of moisture to the outside. The air circuit remains dry and does not freeze.
  • The heating of the air by compression at the exhaust in the foam to the outside and its acceleration through the VENTURI outlets keeps it warm and prevents icing.