Protection, finishing, bonding & sealing for harvesters

Why you should choose Sames

  • Our unique experience in the EXEL Industries group of the farming machine design & manufacturing
  • Knowledge and comprehensive process expertise
  • Ultimate field service and worldwide proximity support
(1) CAB Applications

Pumping, dispensing & spraying solutions for a wide range of 1K or 2K materials that will bond and seal the different parts of the cab that will work later in the most severe conditions, still enabling comfort and performance for the operators.

(2) Top & Clear Coat Finishing

Pumping, dosing & spraying solutions for a wide range of 1K or 2K paints to reach the right protection with the required finishing quality to beautify the machine and increase its perceived value.

(3) Protective coating

Pumping & spraying solutions for 1K or 2K high solid content paints, that will ensure a long life of the chassis and structure of the machines in the very demanding environment of farming activities.

(4) Wheels Painting

Pumping & spraying solutions for 1K, 2K or powder paint on the wheels, to resist in the daily operations close to the soil and environment agressions.

(5) Underbody Protection

Pumping & spraying solutions for anti-corrosion materials to protect perfectly the machine during all its life in the fields with high humidity and abrasion.