CRUCIANELLI (Argentina): Reliability over time with our Nanogun electrostatic spray guns

We have significantly reduced our finishing production costs with the quality and reliability of SAMES KREMLIN's spray guns and Flowmax® pumps for catalysts. They are easy to adjust, clean, maintain and the paint spraying application is really much faster!

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Crucianelli S.A, one of the leading companies in the seeding machine market in Argentina has chosen SAMES KREMLIN spraying equipment.

Born in the town of Armstrong, Santa Fe, Crucianelli S.A. is today one of the leading companies in the market of seeders in Argentina, with a large national coverage that integrates 70 dealers, and with seeders present around the world. Their mission is to accompany the producer through the whole process of searching for the ideal machine, customizing the manufacturing so that each machine adapts to the soil where it will be planted. Together with the best after-sales service, these are their true adavantges. Their experience drove them to go through changes, adaptations and mainly the development of a state-of-the-art technological complexity: in 1996 they were the first seeder factory in South America and one of the first at an international level to have robotized welding.

Their industrial plant consists of 25,000 m2 built in a total land area of 60,000 m2, and is equipped with the most modern technology to guarantee quality products and a comfortable, reliable and safe working environment. Their latest plant expansion in 2011 allowed them to increase production by 30%, and thus speed up our company’s response to growing demand. They benefits of a state of the art finishing facility with 2 main spray booths, one dedictaed to large parts and the other to smaller one's painted through a conveyor.

The high level finishing quality and perfect paint coverage achieved with the Nanongun electrostatic spray gun perfectly meet the high standards of quality desired by the company!



CRUCIANELLI production manager

The ease of use of electrostatic Nanogun spray gun is a real advantage!

Sebastían Trillini, Production manager, states: "I have been working at the Crucianelli company for 12 years. I have been part of the production team since my beginnings in the company I was related to SAMES KREMLIN painting equipment, the truth is that those equipment features simple operation that unlike other equipment that we have been using lately have had a very technological advance important in terms of the performance and ergonomics of the use of these devices, they are light, they are easy to use, and they have very little maintenance, so it is highly consistent with the performance of these devices, on the other hand, I would like to add that our attention is on the people of painting systems from argentina which provide us with a service consistent with the quality of the equipment".

Crucianelli Purchasing manager

We have significantly reduced our finishing production costs with the quality and reliability of SAMES KREMLIN's spray equipment

Eduardo Bazzi, Director and purchasing manager of Crucianelli SA, states: "We are located in Armstrong city, province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Well, we have SAMES KREMLIN equipment: 3 electronic dosing/mixing machines and five spray guns, for the painting of our machines. We have two paint ovens: one for small parts and one for the chassis. We see that since we implemented this brand, we have had a very good improvement in our cost savings due to the speed of painting and the way this brand performs. We are directly supported for our painting system line by Guillermo with whom we get a very good service, very good advices both from him and from the spraying equipment factory actually. We are grateful to have this brand and that they are always present with us in terms of services and requirements"


Virtually no maintenance so far with our Flowmax® pumping technology

Hernán Bustamante, maintenance responsible for CRUCIANELLI 's production, states: " I want to talk to you about the products we use actually, SAMES KREMLIN ranges. We use Nanogun guns, we have four sets of Nanogun guns. During last year, they have worked very well and now, we have also got dosing systems from SAMES KREMLIN and they work also very well with very little maintenance. We have 20.25 and Flowmax® pumps. The Flowmax® are one of the last ones with very low maintenance, almost no maintenance, it is all perfectly sealed, you don't have to do anything! the 20.25 pumps are very good too, but the Flowmax® is an equipment which works really very well".


CRUCIANELLI painter testimony

Great electrostatic effect and even finish with the Nanogun

Rodolfo Abraham, Professional painter states:  "I have been working in the factory for 31 years in the painting area and we have been using SAMES KREMLIN equipment  since 2002. Clearly : good handling ,lightweight, easy trigger for good application! The electrostatic effect works very well  meaning it is very good and the gun  is easy to adjust, clean and maintain.  The electrostatic wrap-around effect makes it works well and it is possible to paint quickly,  the application is really much faster!"