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FAQ (7)

LVLP vs HVLP paint sprayers equipment?

For your professional painting jobs, you need to make sure to choose the right manual spray gun version for your needs. Choosing between the HVLP and LVLP will be easier when you understand the main differences.

Sames offers a large variety of spray guns available to suit any painting project that you might have. Here are the basics to help you pick between our HVLP and LVLP Airspray guns, depending on your pro finishing project. Our FPro Airspray range is available in 3 versions Conventional, HVLP and LVLP. We are going to concentrate on differences between the HVLP and LVLP. Even if they look the same and may be used sometimes for pretty much the same applications, they are still two distinctive tools. Please read the following topics explaining the differences to make sure you pick the right one for your job.

What is HVLP spraying?

HVLP spray technology has been defined and applied by the SCAQMD (South California Air Quality Management District) in the 80’s and has been adopted by most state’s EPA in the US today. To meet HVLP compliance, the air pressure measured at the air cap must be between 0.1-10 PSI maximum or prove the application is at least 65% transfer efficient. These requirements reduce overspray pollution and minimize material waste compared to a conventional Airspray gun. HVLP is an acronym for High Volume Low Pressure which means a high volume of air at a low air pressure. Atomization is achieved by the volume of air not by high air pressure which reduces the forward velocity, thus creating a softer spray. The softer spray allows more material to stick to the part and not bounce off into the atmosphere reducing air pollution and material waste. To achieve this HVLP guns use designed with larger air passage and air caps with multiple or larger atomizing orifices around the fluid nozzle. 

To meet HVLP guidelines Sames Kremlin has developed its own range of HVLP spray guns. The FPRO HVLP is the latest and is offered in Gravity feed gun or Pressure configurations to meet your equipment needs. The atomizing air on our professional spray guns are fed by compressed air while other HVLP systems such as HomeRight, Wagner, Fuji, Apollo and Graco to name a few use an electric turbine to produce atomizing air. While these systems are transfer efficient, they are slower, noisier and require more maintenance then compressor fed guns. HVLP is one of the most efficient types of Airspray guns you can get. Less paint wasted in your process means money saved on paint consumption. Less waste also means a cleaner environment and time saved in cleanup of the booth and surrounding areas. Longer booth filter life reduces the amount of toxic waste disposal cost. The FPro HVLP guns can spray just about any coating in the wood, metal, and plastic markets.

What is LVLP spraying?

LVLP guns are a combination of conventional Airspray and HVLP Airspray. LVLP is an acronym for Low Volume Low pressure which means that it uses less air volume (5-18 CFM) then HVLP (10-25 CFM) and lower air pressure (10-30 PSI) than a typical conventional Airspray gun (35-60 PSI). LVLP guns have large air passage like the HVLP guns but the air caps have slightly smaller holes. The smaller holes create more air pressure at the air cap which creates better atomization. LVLP guns are not limited to 10 PSI at the air cap but can still be compliant by delivering 65% or better transfer efficiency depending on your application.

The FPro LVLP spray gun technology atomizes difficult coatings, higher viscosities, water borne and higher flow rates better than HVLP guns. The LVLP guns applies coatings faster making them better suited for large objects and high production applications. Sames Kremlin offers the FPro LVLP gun in Gravity and Pressure configurations, both with a smooth trigger, to meet your applications needs.

What is the difference between HVLP or LVLP spray systems?

Fpro range


The major difference between the two is HVLP is complaint with 10 PSI at the air cap and offers the best transfer efficiency of the two. HVLP guns use more CFM and will require users to size their air compressor accordingly.

On the other hand, LVLP atomizes better, sprays faster and lays down a better finish while using less CFM but high air pressure.

Why will you choose an LVLP or HVLP spray gun?

The FPro HVLP and LVLP are both high end professional spray guns; choosing one over another will have to be decided upon the following comments:

  • FPro HVLP spray guns offer a good quality finish with minimal material waste. HVLP is complaint with 10 PSI at the air cap and offers the best transfer efficiency of all Airspray technologies.
  • FPro LVLP spray guns feature great atomization which means superior finishes and sprays faster making them better suited for large objects and high production applications. LVLP guns are also great for higher viscosity and water borne coatings

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