Airspray manual easy solution

This solution is a simple concept - with a Sames airspray spray gun - for one or two painters for applying paint with a superior quality finish in every market!
Airspray easy solution
Airspray easy solution

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • Large choice of nozzles and aircaps for flow control and different fan widths
  • High transfer efficiency (65% minimum compliant with EPA regulation and European standards)
  • Choice of several types of pumps and pressure tanks to meet every specific application
  • Various mounting options for the pumps, hoses and guns
  • All our Airspray equiment is durable and robust in construction
  • Reduced number of spare parts optimizing easy dissasembly and simple maintenance

Airspray spray guns layout examples

Airspray spray gun solutions can used with different pumping technologies - variable fluid section sizes - or pressure pots

You will be able to choose the right solution depending on your specific production needs: small to large production jobs with various types of material viscosities. 
Depending on your specific application and budget, you can choose between the FPRO P premium Airspray gun and its large choice of projectors or the FSTART P, the best entry level solution.

Both gun options are available to meet the European Standard DIN EN 13966-1 and EPA regulation in the United States.


FPro aircap and nozzle
(1) Projectors (aircap, nozzle and needle)

Sames's knowhow will ensure you the best quality projectors for the best application results. 

Our CONV and compliant HVLP, LVLP aircaps will answer your requirements in terms of transfer efficiency, spray finishing and speed of application.

Make sure to take into account the required flowrate, pattern size and your material viscosity when selecting your projectors,



(2) FPro P Airspray manual spray gun
(2) FPro P Airspray manual spray gun

The FPRO P pressure gun benefits from the Vortex and Restrictor technologies and provides to all painters a perfect finishing. 

The patented restrictor creates a pressure loss and allows regulators and pumps to work in their optimal working conditions 

With our patented Vortex, the spray pattern is better distributed, resulting in a more homogeneous spray.



FStart P
(2) FStart P Airspray manual spray gun

The FStart P spray gun ensures a good quality finish at a entry level price.

The FStart P can be used by both beginners and experienced professionals giving a desired high-quality finish.



Air and fluid hoses
(3) Hoses

Our paint and air hoses ensure flexibility and lightness for the comfort of use.

You have several lenghts and diameter options according to your requirements. 

Fluid hoses are available in 3 diameters:

  • Small (whip end, low flow rate): 3.2mm (1/8'') internal diameter
  • Medium (to feed one or several guns): 6.4mm (1/4'') internal diameter
  • Large (for large flow rates, recirculating): 9.5mm (3/8'') internal diameter
(4) Paint Filtration

Filtration is often a key step to ensure a fine finish and avoid tip/nozzle blocking. A low pressure filter can be installed at the outlet of the pump with the approriate filter screen (n°6 - 85 Mesh in standard, options available for screen n°4, 8 and 12). 

We supply two different types of filters:

  • the inline filter which requires a very small amount of solvent for flushing sequences
  • the pump filter 



(4) Paint Regulation

For any precise application, it is crucial to regulate the paint flow to the gun. It can be with manual or air piloted control.

To go further, the REGPro combines the paint regulation and filtration in one product.


PRIMA 01D100
(5) Diaphragm pump

PRIMATM is our easiest pumping solution. It is a diaphragm pump (for application requiring a 1:1 ratio) and can be used with solvent or water based materials but also with electrostatic Airspray installations.



02C85 Airspray Paint Pump
(6) Piston pump

This lub cup pump range represents an economical production/price ratio. These pumps are dedicated for solvant and water-based paints.

Our Sames pump range features stainless steel fluid sections.

In case of multiple color changes, we recommend to use the smallest hydraulic section which matches the need to save paint and solvents..


Airspray tanks
(7) Pressure pots

You should select the size of your pressure pot according to your application and paint. Example, for touch-up works, we recommend you use the 2 liters capacity tank. For water-based paints, we recommend to use a stainless steel tank fitted with an agitator and a bottom feed outlet.


Suction rod
(8) Pump feeding: Suction rod

Allow to pump the material directly from a drum container. Different suction hose diameters are available regarding the viscosity of the paint. We supply suction rods for drums with a capacity of 60 litres and 200 liters.




Pump gravity hopper
(9) Pump feeding: hopper

The 6 liter hopper is an efficient way of doing fast color changes with minimum material waste compared to a suction rod .

(10) Pump homogeneity: agitator

An agitator will maintain all the components of the paint in constant movement preventing any deposition of pigments and will keep the best performance of the pump and the gun. It will also ensure perfect homogenous colors during the application.