Easy Paint Robot - gun version

Robotic painting solutions for every industry.
Easy Paint Robot Topaz
Easy Paint Robot Topaz

Easy Paint Robot by Sames

  • Would you like to improve your painting process?
  • Do you plan to enter new markets?
  • Are you limited by low work capacity?

Easy Paint Robot is the solution you have been looking for.

Complete Solutions to Ensure

  • High finishing quality
  • High flowrate
  • Easy to work with

Plug & Spray concept requiring a minimum engineering study to built the solution

  • Flexible management of different parts/color/size
Topaz package

Topaz package

The solution is built according to the rule:

  • a Multi-axes Robot,
  • a Sprayer and
  • a Spray Paint Antenna

The premium finishing quality solution, thanks to Airspray, Airmix® or Airless and precise flow regulation.
The larger robot increases work capacity.
Typical TOPAZ package includes :

  • 1 paint robot equipped with a robotic gun,
  • 1 color change valve 6 colors, 1 solvent flush and 1 air flush
  • 1 multi-function panel to automatically manage painting tables,
  • 1 piloted pressure regulator

Concept layout

Concept layout
(1) paint pumps

Adapted to the paint, pressure and flow required.

(2) Functional trio

Filter, pressure Regulator and Heater when needed.

(3) Color management

Color changing block and paint flow regulation (AOP regulator)

(4) Robot

From preferred brands YASKAWA, FANUC, STAUBLI in our standard solution packages.

(5) Spraygun

to be selected form our Airspray, Airmix® and Airless® range with or without electrostatic.

(6) Control unit

Process controler to be interfaced with the robot controller.