Quick Disconnect

Bell spraying technoloy

Bell spraying technoloy

Any maintenance operator would concede - the shorter the production downtime, the better. Instead of spending time & energy on risky operations & online repairs, the operator can correct a faulty system within minutes to fully restore the production line & resume operations. 

With its quick & easy maintenance design, the Quick Disconnect interface is constructed of special fittings, o-rings & connections to deter against leaks & imprecise assembly.


The Quick Disconnect (QD) allows for quickly replacing the faulty equipment with a single wrench for loosening & tightening. This reduces the mean time to repair (MTTR) to a minimum & further offers the highest availability for production lines. Our exclusive RBC automatic detection will validate the correct installation of the new atomizer ensuring your production line is restored as quickly as possible.


The exceptional design of the Sames Quick Disconnect outlasts current robotic standards with its extended life & ability to perform under extreme conditions. Seal damage & leakages are prevented by an added tightening feature while the mean time before failure (MTBF) is dramatically increased.


The Quick Disconnect has been designed to fit in one position only in order to prevent connectivity issues. The product (paint & solvent in beige color fittings) and air lines (blue color fittings) have also been completely separated on the QD to avoid mixing during disassembly further validating the QD's safe & simple operation.