Self strained packing technology

Self strain packing technology controls seal wear, offers extended service life and ease of use

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Controling seal wear:

The seals are constantly self-adjusting and ensure their function throughout their life span

Longer service life:

No premature wear due to overtightening

Ease of use :

You don't have to think about it, the system does it for you.

A real breakthrough in sealing technology in harsh environments

The Self-strained seal technology is a real "customer benefit" because it allows you to solve the difficulties facing an operator on an Airless® construction site.  One of the major problems for a job coater is that pumps have to transfer the paint using a limited weather winder without stopping production to meet obligations for painting and without incurring additional costs. If they ever start leaking from the lubricant cup, it causes the spray gun to pulse, overconsuming leaking paint and polluting the environment of the station. The painter must then tighten the sealing cartridge. The question is: How often should the cartridge be tightened to prevent it from leaking?  Was it tightened too much or not enough?  These actions may destroy the cartridge and pistons and stop the painter from working and cause additional costs to be incurred.

Sames Self-strained seal technology is based on chevron seal technology:  they must be constantly tightened (under pressure) to ensure their basis function which is ensuring a perfect seal. Their undeniable advantage is their lifespan, because even when worn, they can still seal by tightening them, but that's something to think about! Our technological innovative answer is the adoption of cartridges with self-tightening seal technology.

With this self-tightening seal system, customers no longer need to worry about tightening their seals as  they are constantly self-adjusting. Furthermore, this system is not immersed in paint (unlike some competitive pumps) so there is no risk of being cleaned incorrectly during flushing operations and degrading their sealing function.