EasyProtect solution

EasyProtect robotic wrap solution is designed to protect painted carbody offering a better protection during transit and a reduction of plastic waste
Easyprotect solution
Easyprotect solution

OEMs need to protect painted car at reasonnable cost in Assembly shop, during application of the protective film and in transit to the local reseller.

Compared to plastic foil, EasyProtect is more flexible and safe for the paint film, generates less waste, has a longer lifetime, is low labor contend.

Complete covers are much more expensive but require more logistics, with dedicated cover for each style to stock and send back to the factory.

Complete solutions to ensure

Safe & fast process
  • No cutting plastic foil on painted car
  • Industrial robot repeatability
  • Up to 4m²/min
  • Fast dry by infrared curing
  • Automatic cleaning head
Low labor-contend solution
  • Standard industrial robot
  • No manual application
  • Quick & easy to peel
Durable protection of painted car
  • Protection from Paintshop to the end customer
  • Protective barrier for shocks in Trimshop
  • Protective barrier for wind, sand, dust, rain, hail or snow
  • No plastic foil = no waste to cut
  • Waterborne material, REACH compliant
  • No chemical reaction with drying clearcoat

Concept layout

EasyProtect Layout 1 robot
1 - Material load station
2 - Pump supply station
3 - Material filter station
4 - Process Controller
5 - Dispense unit with L1K shotmeter
6 - Cleaning station
7 - EasyProtect Dispense head
Accurate robotic protection
Accurate robotic protection
  • 100% transfer efficiency - No overspray
  • Sharp edge
  • 200µm thickness protection
Large surface protection
Large surface protection
  • Complete car protection with 4 robots on rails
  • Stop & go process
  • Cycle time <1min
  • Up to 4m²/min
  • Vision system required
Robotic application gives flexibility
Robotic application gives flexibility
  • Flexible protection of painted part
  • Application on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • 92mm width, adaptable by twisting the head
Removable protection
Removable protection
  • Easy peel off, remove all at once
  • Breathable protection film
  • Waterborne material
  • Non hazardous waste
EasyProtect details

EasyProtect details

The EasyPortect solution is composed of Sames's patented dispense head. The uniform thickness of the strip is given by the size of the shim.

The electrical dosing shotmeter L1K, designed for large volume (1.3L capacity) gives the constant flow of the low temperated material.

The station has its redundant filtration system after the low pressure pump station.

The HMI control, based on home-made EasyPaint Suite software, pilots heating devices, shotmeter refill process and safety barriers around the dispense cell.