Airmix® spraying technology

Since 1975, Airmix® combines conventional and high pressure Airless® technologies advantages. It is today's industry standard for medium pressure atomization.

A little history on Airmix® (AAA) spray technology.

In 1975, Sames has been the very first spray equipment company which invented the first generation of Airmix® technology (AAA) and launched the kremlin spray gun in the wood industry. It is a combination of high pressure airless® paint sprayers and airspray.

This concept was such an great success for a large number of users that it launched Airmix® from a commun technology to a well-known and reliable first category industry standard used all over the world in many business areas where high quality finish is a must.

Driven to maximize customer benefits, Sames developed a second generation of Airmix® (aaa): Gun Aircap Adaptation allows to atomize while modifying the fan spray pattern  width without changing the fluid tip saving time & money. Airmix® HVLP (Hvlp air assisted airless® ) with the XCite soft trigger is ideal for small to large productions (kitchen cabinets, industrial equipment). Painter reviews shows that Airmix® users are convinced that painting parts with difficult to reach areas is much more easy with a perfect and high quality result: it's a great tool! Compared to air assisted airless® sprayers. Furthermore, Airmix® uses low 0.3 to 3 bar compressed air.

Also avalaible in electrostatic version with the nanogun Airmix® manual electrostatic gun.

From the first KREMLIN MR spray gun in 1975, followed by the KREMLIN REXSON MVX, and latest generation Xcite range...

Airmix® history

Why is Airmix® liquid spraying technology so popular?

Why is Airmix® liquid spraying technology so popular?

Airmix® is a unique medium fluid pressure spraying technology in between Airspray (known for high finishing quality with limited fluid flow rate ideally under 400cc/min) & high pressure Airless® (known for good results for high fluid flow but without quality finishing). It is compliant with environmental protection policies.

Airmix® (or Air Assisted Airless® for our competitors) gives a high finishing quality & uniform film build control for high productivity on paint flow rates from 400 to 2000 cc/min with a consistent spray pattern to perfectly atomize small to large amount . Fed by air compressors, Airmix® pumps (with powerful air motors) and guns, featuring all set-ups, with accurate fluid pressure regulator control, are ideal to atomize most products. Our very flexible fluid and air hoses improves the gun maniability. Depending on configurations specifications, all components are available in solution packaged. As for airless® spray gun, increased operator safety is ensured with trigger lock and aircap protection.

Airmix® is not recommended for sealants and adhesives.

Unattainable benefits from other medium pressure technologies such as Air Assisted Airless® (aaa) or hvlp air-assist airless® . It is also important to take into account that Airmix manual electrostatic guns are also available on the market.

Maximum PAINT SAVINGS for minimum booth contamination

As a result of a high transfer efficiency up to 86% (HVLP compliant)

EXCELLENT material distribution & FINE PARTICLE size control

To better atomize with the addition of low pressure compressed air amount to both sides of the fluid fan pattern. Available setups allows for fine reviews and control of all parameters.


as a result of our unique assembly of the carbide insert - from the best known worlwide supplier - into the insert holder

DURABLE design

Our compact paint spray guns are made of premium materials, insuring no deterioration of the hard anodized surface treatment

Which are the advantages of Sames Airmix®:

  • Compact design paint spray gun with or whithout swivel fittings (Xcite Airmix spray gun)
  • Excellent tip quality - made from the best tungsten carbide worlwide component supplier
  • Experts in aircap design for reduced overspray 
  • Carefully selected high quality materials - as premium stainless steel - for our paint spray gun to ensure a long product life (resistance to chemicals, parts reliability....)
  • Hvlp air assisted airless® compliant
  • Guns fed by pump (gravity hopper also available)

More on this great tool on our website for brochure download (giving full data description of customer's benefits and specifications) or details on configurations available (wall mounted or mobile versions, packages kits for small business) or videos on our Youtube channel! You can also contact us by email for specific queries. Plus also a quick access to instruction manuals for easy repair and benefit from our expess logistic part posting.

Why choose our high quality tips?

Why choose our high quality tips?

To make sure that every tip built in our factory yields the best results, we follow a precise machining process that guarantees consistent material output at different spray angles each & every time. 

Our tips are built with carefully selected materials to guarantee a lifetime production.